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Anthony 27 yrs, City Trader, Saffron Walden, Essex

"I think if I was going to recommend you to anyone else I'd make clear that what you do isn't "therapy" - at least in my understanding of the word. Sure, I know you are all are psychologists, but lying on a couch and talking about your problems, it aint. I learnt a lot about anger itself and how to manage it, but I also learnt about my own abilities to control it, without losing face at work. Which was always my biggest worry."

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Welcome to The Anger Clinic

We are the only clinic in the UK for anger problems that's run by professional registered Consultant Clinical Psychologists.

We're London based, next to Guy's Hospital and London Bridge station.

We don't do psychobabble, we don't make claims that can't be substantiated and we don't offer simplistic solutions. What we do do however, is to provide professional assessment support and help using the latest research based strategies and anger management techniques.

We know that feeling frequently angry or being at the receiving end of someone who is, is not easy. Often initially minimised by both parties, it can destroy relationships, careers and partnerships. People's own lives can become scarred by anger. Its adverse health effects have been established for nearly forty years - having a problem with anger can triple your chances of a heart attack and research from the American Heart Association published in 2011 found that losing your temper was amongst the top ten most common triggers for a stroke.

Equally, being at the receiving end of abuse, violence or bullying can also produce anger that "eats away at the soul" and leaves the victim seething with bitterness and unable to focus on the rest of their life.

The Anger Clinic provides a range of options to provide help for those suffering as a result of anger. Our business is helping people change their lives. Sign up for our free regular newsletter for tips, insights and strategies for managing anger and its effects.

We run regular anger management courses as well as offering individual work - either on an open basis or according to a contracted number of sessions. For those of you that wish to know what "modality" we use, our approach is one that draws on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

We have the skill however of using these technologies without the usual psychobabble and aim to make change as easy as possible for people. You'll find us refreshing.

If you are an HR professional we can offer in-house solutions for you - ranging from company audits through to contracted services. You can be assured of a professional high quality service that is timely, accessible and above all - does what it says on the tin.

If you are a solicitor or criminal justice professional we are able to offer a range of services from specialist reports through to customised anger management programmes. If you would like to discuss what we have to offer your clients, we would love to hear from you.